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What is Uploading Advantage?

For each 15 approved and published  covers & labels, you can gain 1 month full access account.


What is uploading rules?

Please upload your preview image files in 969 x 646 pixel & between 100-400kb file size.

all images should be in a high resolution jpg files.

we will look at the cover and advise you of any changes that are required to make it acceptable, if you fail to respond or update the cover we usually delete it after a few days.

you have right only upload a maximum 5 covers in a day.


What is accepted cover sizes?

These are the standard sizes (in pixels) that we will accept

All are at 300 DPI. We do not accept any other resolution

The case sizes are specified as width (front+spine+back) x height


Standard Amaray: 3240 (1535+170+1535) x 2175
ThinPak Single: 3150 (1535+80 +1535) x 2175
Slim 5/6/8: 3370 (1535+300+1535) x 2175
Slim 8 (older style): 3395 (1535+325+1535) x 2175
Slim 10: 3460 (1535+390+1535) x 2175
Slim 12: 3520 (1535+450+1535) x 2175


Blu-ray cases tend to come in several different sizes. Most important is the spine width measurement, which is typically either 11mm (approx size in USA and some Europe) or 14mm (Europe). Larger disc sets may also come in a 25mm spine format. We will allow some variation from the suggested cover sizes below but at a minimum the spine must be accurate in each case.

3118 (1523+72+1523) x 1762 (6mm spine)
3173 (1523+127+1523) x 1762 (10.75mm spine)
3120 (1490+140+1490) x 1748 (11.8mm spine)
3172 (1516+140+1516) x 1762 (11.8mm spine)
3172 (1501+170+1501) x 1762 (14mm spine)
3212 (1521+170+1521) x 1762 (14mm spine)
3224 (1523+178+1523) x 1762 (15mm spine – VIVA ELITE 5 DISC CASE)
3306 (1523+260+1523) x 1762 (22mm spine)
3317 (1511+295+1511) x 1762 (25mm spine)

3240 (1535+170+1535) X 1900 (14mm spine)


What is accepted cover sizes?

For both custom and scanned label uploads, the image dimension and resolution requirements are the same:

The label must be between 1400 and 1500 pixels on each side. The label must be saved at a resolution of 300 DPI at the highest quality setting in your application (for example, save as “JPG Quality 12” in Photoshop).

For example:

1400 x 1400, 300 DPI: Accepted

1417 x 1417, 300 DPI: Accepted

1500 x 1500, 300 DPI: Accepted

900 x 900, 300 DPI: Not Accepted

1500 x 1500, 600 DPI: Not Accepted


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